Gerda’s Honden Service

Your dog’s best friend

Gerdas Honden Service

What can we offer:

Dog Walking

The walks takes an hour in the forest, big parks or at the beach under our professional supervision.
Benefits of walking for you and the dog:
– losing excess energy
– improving the condition of the dog and loss weight
– getting enough exercise
– becoming social towards the other dogs

Dog Training

What is positive reinforcement? We don’t use force. We don’t punish the dog.
We don’t expect too much. How can we be effective?
Using the positive reinforcement in dog training we reward the behaviors that we like and ignore the behaviors we don’t like. …

Dog Fitness

Canine Conditioning Fitness is practiced in pursuit of peak performance, injury prevention, coordination, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

It addresses the five fitness components (flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, strength).


Are you planning to be a dog owner?

Or you aren’t sure which breed suits you?

Do you live far away from dog schools?

Are you working a lot and difficult to make personal training?

Dog Owner Reviews

IMO the best decision you will ever make for your dog. Our puppy is high energy and demands a lot of attention – he now is able to chill more, does tricks and is becoming much better behaved. Gerda takes our pup for long walks, mixes/socialises him with other dogs, trains him and looks after him when we are on holiday. Extremely good value for money, and most importantly our pup has the best time every time. Have made multiple recommendations to friends/colleagues, and we will definitely be clients of Gerda’s for a long time to come. 🙂

I left my lovely doggo a weekend with Gerda. I must say that my dear doggo was completely changed. He was more attentive, and his behavior improved too much. With Gerda I could notice he had a great time and he was treated with professionalism and a lot of love.
I recommend anyone to ask Gerda for her service, you would not regret it at all

Gerda is such a lovely person, she takes my dog for walks every day and he is crazy about her. You can see how much she cares about dogs and her genuine love for them. She is responsible and super accommodating, which I appreciate much.

We hope to see you and your doggy soon!

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Gerda’s Honden Service

Your dog’s best friend


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